May 13, 2010

NPR: 4 Exile Bonus Tracks Posted

Plundered My Soul (4:00)
Dancing In The Light (4:24)
So Divine (Aladdin Story) (4:34)
Loving Cup (Alternate Version) (5:26)
Despite my reservations, this is exciting! The ending of this alternate Loving Cup makes me think it's a different take from the other bootlegged versions. Dancing In The Light is incredibly infectious. ... Of course, the vocals are too damn high on everything.


SoSock said...

Phish did Loving Cup on Jimmy Fallon's show last night. A VERY rare TV appearance by them. I assume it was only because of the Exile rlease. It was pretty damn good.

laura k said...

I guess SoSock hasn't been following the Exile posts.