May 20, 2010

Sleeping At Fenway

After the team's flight from New York, the Red Sox arrived at Fenway Park at about 5 AM on Wednesday. Terry Francona was due back at the park at noon for that night's game and thought about simply sleeping at the park.
I've done it. I don't like doing it. Nights during the summer when we've had a real late night and a day game the next day, I know that if I do that, it'll get me a couple of hours.
Francona decided to go home. He told the Globe's Peter Abraham that when he does sleep at the park, the only other signs of life are assistant equipment manager Pookie Jackson and some mice.
That's just what you want to see at 4 the morning, some little varmint that looks like Pedroia scampering through your office.


Amy said...

Too funny--"looks like Pedroia"!

mattymatty said...

I have my quibbles with Francona, but on the whole I can't imagine a better guy to manage the Red Sox. Whomever they replace him with when ever he leaves will be a step down.