May 2, 2010

Previously Unheard Version Of Stones' "All Down The Line" Available For Free

Update, 2:43 AM: Woo-hoo! Got it!

Could someone in the UK be a dear and grab this free mp3 of a previously unknown outtake of "All Down The Line" -- which kicks off Side 4 of the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street -- and email it to me?

The track (4:09) is available for free from May 3-9, but not outside the UK, apparently. I'd be happy to upload it and post it here for everyone afterwards. ... I know I'll get it from somewhere eventually, but I want to hear it now! :>)


You can hear two different 30-second snips here. I don't think we yet know when this outtake was recorded, though I assume it was after the well-known acoustic outtake from 1969. ... There is an odd (for the Stones) bit of guitar at the :16 second mark.

Have I posted the mono mix for the 1972 ADTL single? This mix has some studio whooping at the start, and the piano from the great Nicky Hopkins and the gospelish background singers are higher in the mix. Some harmonica from Jagger (buried or missing from Exile) kicks in at about 3:00 and we get a few extra seconds of the song thanks to a longer fadeout. The more prominent piano gives it a lighter and slightly bouncy feel as opposed to the unrelenting locomotive of the Exile mix.


lougorman'slunch said...

Can't download in the states?

allan said...

Looks like it was UK only. But it's been going out through posters at a Stones board.

Harley said...

The track is out there. One caveat. The Stones being the Stones, there have been some 'sonic improvements' made to the previously unreleased tracks. In other words, Mick added and sweetened vocals, including the vocals on this track.

allan said...

Harley: I have posted at length about that here and a bit more here.

There is no indication (that I have read) that this outtake has been tampered with.

allan said...

Have a listen!

wardo said...

Thanks for posting this -- after spending $30 for the 2CD version, I hate to be missing out on something!