May 13, 2010

Wakefield: 2,002 Strikeouts

Tim Wakefield became the 64th pitcher in history to strike out 2,000 batters yesterday when he got Vernon Wells swinging to end the fourth inning.

Of Wakefield's 2,002 career Ks, 1,892 have come with the Red Sox. Only Fat Billy has more (2,590); Pedro Martinez is third (1,683).
It's a tribute to longevity and I feel very blessed. Ive been able to wear this uniform for a long time ... The fans have been behind me the whole time I've been here. I'm very proud to be able to come out and not only get an ovation for that accomplishment or (for) a great start like my last one. They acknowledge great work and I'm honored to be able to tip my cap to them.
Mike Cameron hopes to return to the lineup for the Yankees series next Monday. Fellow injured outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury may begin a rehab assignment in a few days.

David Ortiz is hitting .310 with a .999 OPS in eight May games.
I feel great right now. I feel the way I like to be right now.
Scrolling through Ortiz's 2010 splits, I see that he is 0-for-17 in late & close* situations. After the sixth inning in all games, he is 3-for-26.

(*: PAs in the 7th or later with the Sox tied, ahead by one, or with the tying run at least on deck.)

Boston finished the LAA-MFY-TOR homestand with a 7-3 record. While the Sox scored an average of 6.6 runs per game, in half of the games they scored only 2 or 3 runs (1-4 record in those games). Slash stats:
Before homestand: .260/.333/.438/.770
During homestand: .297/.392/.478/.870
J.D. Drew managed to take the bat off his shoulder enough times to hit .469 (with an OBP of .526) in the three series.
One more screenshot of pitch that Ortiz "struck out" on, which was Ball 5 of the at-bat.Pitch/fx had the pitch 8.1" outside the rulebook zone.


FenFan said...

Wakefield cannot catch a break this season. Without going back over game records, I can think of two games (yesterday and 09 April against KC) in which he pitched well enough to win, but the offense failed to drive home runs.

He continues to be one of my favorite all-time Sox players. Congrats to Wake on 2,000-plus career K's!

9casey said...

Wake really has the best gig in MLb, because his knucleball has been so effective for him over the years, even when he gets rocked, you hear how the weather effected his pitches or it just wasn't floating good on that day..

He has been a very good Red Sock, from what I hear in the clubhose, on the field and in his charity work.

I don't know what the criteria is, but does anyone think they will retire his number, he is a sure fire Red Sock Hall of Famer..

FenFan said...

As much as he might be due the honor, I don't think they will retire his number. Pesky is the only player to have his number retired by the Sox that doesn't meet both criteria (10 years with team, Hall of Fame inductee). There are others in the history of the Sox who, quite frankly, are just as deserving, if not more so, but aren't going to see their number up there.

For certain, he will be in the Sox HOF. You can find the necessary criteria posted on Wikipedia.