May 3, 2011

Ethier Extends Hitting Streak to 28 Games

Andre Ethier of the Dodgers has a 28-game hitting streak, only three games shy of the team's record -- and only half-way to Joe DiMaggio's major league record of 56 games.

Ethier has played in all 30 games this year and went hitless only in Game #2.
             GMS  DATES                          AVG   OBP   SLG
Willie Davis  31  August 1-September 3, 1969    .435  .463  .532
Zack Wheat    29  1916
Andre Ethier  28  April 2-May 2, 2011 (active)  .393  .463  .570
Duke Snider   27  August 19-September 13, 1953  .450  .508  .780
Joe Medwick   27  May 23-June 25, 1942          .402  .439  .533
The National League record is 44 games, set by Pete Rose in 1978 (June 14-July 31; .385/.421/.462).

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FenFan said...

Hey, sorry to have dropped off the boards for a few days. Blogger was not letting me comment - I kept getting error messages. I did send a message to NESN regarding the missed pitches - no response to date.

I just subscribed to the Play Index tool at BBref - why did I wait so long? - and it's interesting to note that only four players in Red Sox history have hitting streaks of at least 28 games to match Ethier: Dom DiMaggio (34), Nomar Garciaparra (30), Johnny Damon (29), and Wade Boggs (28). Williams's longest stretch was 23 straight in 1941, the year he batted .406.

FYI, Ted Williams owns six of the ten-longest stretches of games in a single season where a player reached base at least once (Times On Base or TOB). He owns the top spot with 84 and also had streaks of 74, 48 (twice), 47, and 44. Youkilis had a TOB streak of 44 in 2008, the longest in the past ten seasons.