May 27, 2011

G51: Red Sox 6, Tigers 3

Red Sox - 105 000 000 - 6  9  0
Tigers  - 110 000 001 - 3  7  0
Wakefield (7-5-2-2-2, 83) picked up his 181st win in a Boston uniform as the Red Sox won for the 12th time in 14 games.

Jacoby Ellsbury began the third inning with a solo homer to right. Dustin Pedroia walked and Adrian Gonzalez singled to center, and they both scored when Kevin Youkilis lined a double to deep right-center. With one out, Carl Crawford donged to right for two more runs.

Ellsbury scored in the first inning when he singled to right, stole second base, took third on a Gonzalez grounder, and scored on a wild pitch.

In their four starts in the rotation, Alfredo Aceves and Wakefield have a 1.82 ERA and a 0.93 WHIP.
Tim Wakefield / Rick Porcello

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Nick Cafardo wants quiet in the ball parks and I'll back him all the way on that point, but when it comes to writing anything more thought-provoking about baseball than the final score, he simply can't do it. YFSF calls his latest column "a doozy" and gives it the FJM treatment. You may remember Cafardo taking gratuitous swipes at Jacoby Ellsbury all last season, working in a rib or playing-hurt reference wherever and whenever he could. He desperately tried to stir the shit like CHB or Mazz, and even though it always awkward, he kept it up. In 2011, Ellsbury has played in all 50 games, is hitting .296/.364/.449 (122 OPS+), and has the highest line drive percentage on the team, and Nick still finds a way to insult him: "It seems he's trying to prove his durability and toughness."

AL East: White Sox/Blue Jays and Cleveland/Rays at 7 PM; Yankees/Mariners at 10 PM.


Tom DePlonty said...

I read the Cafardo column to see what he might have to say about Ellsbury but is was the stuff about Pedroia and Lester that really brought me up short. Mumbles is breaking new ground in shallow and dumb.

allan said...


BOS ---
MFY 0.5
FKR 1.5
BAL 3.5
TOR 4.0


MFY - 100 020
SEA - 000 022

Jere said...

First place officially now. By a full game.

Amy said...

Tim Wakefield will always have my deep affection and admiration. The guy just does whatever the team needs and so many times has done it so well. I hope he gets to 200 wins. Who would have thought he could be a fairly dependable starter in this year's rotation?

Kathryn said...

Ditto what Amy said. His self-sacrifice is Game 3 will always be remembered.

Love it!