May 5, 2011

G31: Angels 11, Red Sox 0

Angels   - 003 330 200 - 11 18  0
Red Sox  - 000 000 000 -  0  7  1
That was shit.
Those three words were going to be my only comment on today's game, but I read that Lackey (4-10-8-3-1, 97) became only the second Boston pitcher in the past 90 years to allow 8+ earned runs twice in the team's first 31 games of a season. (Josh Beckett did it in the first 30 games of 2010 (April 25 and May 7).) Using a 31-game cut-off squeezes Lackey in there, so that is convenient; I may play around with the BRPI later tonight.
Joel Pineiro / John Lackey

Pineiro, who missed the first month of the season with right shoulder stiffness, makes his second start of the year. He had a strong seven-inning outing (7-4-1-1-3, 83) in Tampa Bay on April 30. ... Lackey has a 1.35 ERA over his last three starts (20 innings).

Both Jacoby Ellsbury (13 games) and Adrian Gonzalez (11 games) extended their hitting streaks last night. ... Dustin Pedroia went 0-for-6 in last night's loss. Since April 22, he is 6-for-50 (.120, all singles), and his average has dropped from .333 to .241.

Last night's game lasted exactly five hours (plus the 2:35 rain delay). It was the Red Sox's longest game by time since August 7, 2009 (5:33; a 2-0 loss in 15 innings to the Yankees). It was the longest home game since September 10, 2008 (5:02; a 4-2 loss in 14 innings to Tampa Bay).

[Now I'm wondering when the Red Sox last won a 5:00+ game.
July 9, 2006: 6:19 - White Sox 6, Red Sox 5 (19)
April 1, 2003: 5:15 - Red Sox 9, Devil Rays 8 (16)
And finishing out the last decade or so:
August 25, 2001: 6:35 - Rangers 8, Red Sox 7 (18)
June 5, 2001: 5:52 - Red Sox 4, Tigers 3 (18)
August 1, 2000: 5:34 - Mariners 5, Red Sox 4 (19)]

AL East: Yankees/Tigers and Blue Jays/Rays at 1 PM; Orioles/Royals at 2 PM.


allan said...

Ellsbury, CF
Crawford, LF
Youkilis, 3B
Gonzalez, 1B
Ortiz, DH
Lowrie, SS
Drew, RF
Saltalamacchia, C
Scutaro, 2B

To the DL:
Dan Wheeler (calf)
Bobby Jenks (biceps)

LHP Rich Hill
RHP Scott Atchison

nick said...

After seeing those most recent two 5hr+ games, I paused to wonder when was the last time they won a 5hr+ game sentence the same question (but coupled with the actual research and results). Thanks!

It's not often I get home at 12:30 and still have the opportunity to hear a couple of hours of baseball.

Benjamin said...

You didn't say they had to be regular season:


This one nearly made the cut:

Pokerwolf said...

Is this the first time in the Bigs for Atchison and Hill or have they made appearances before?

I have a feeling Jenks has an "injury" and it wouldn't surprise me if they did the same thing with Wheeler to give him a rest. Were either of these guys pulled from a game prematurely?

allan said...

Atchison debuted in 2004 and pitched in 43 games for us last year. Hill (Cubs for 4 years, Orioles for 1) was in 6 games in 2010.

Patrick said...

Maybe you guys have some experience dealing with mlb tv...

I'm getting blacked out for this game, even though I'm in Asheville, North Carolina. They did this to me yesterday as well, but I had no problem watching these same two teams face off on Tuesday.

I wrote them, but am confused and peeved.

allan said...

you could try calling them. the number is on the mlbtv faq, i think.

Dr. Jeff said...


allan said...

You suck, Lackey.

Jennifer said...


At work pretends that I am in Missouri although I am in Virginia, the website recommends something called power cycling to fix this problem. I can't do this at work... and shouldn't be watching baseball games....

allan said...

Atchison was up and Lackey is at 91 pitches, so that be it for the Chin. Lackey will say later that if it wasn't for all those runners circling the bases, he would have had a shutout.

allan said...

OM fucking G!

what the fuck ?

allan said...

fucking bad news bears out therr

allan said...

lowrie and yook both hurt on that?>

Jere said...

This game stinks.

Jere said...

They tossed those guys who cost Jed a triple

Zenslinger said...

I have some time in the afternoon, so I came home and was psyched to turn on the TV and see that the Sox game was on MLBN.

Then I saw the score.

allan said...

Yeah, I have no desire to watch the rest of this one. I have the Angels feed, so I am watching in silence, it is gorgeous out, and it's 0-9.

Kathryn said...

I just checked the score. What the hell?

Dr. Jeff said...

11-0. Flo don't want no shutout.

Dr. Jeff said...

9th inning rally!

Dr. Jeff said...

Too bad about Yook falling short of a 3run HR last inning.

Dr. Jeff said...

Grim. 4 DPs.

fusionmouse said...

Didn't anyone tell the sox that today's game was an afternoon start?

Dr. Jeff said...

I've never seen fenway so empty during a game.

Jere said...

"I've never seen fenway so empty during a game."

I guess you missed the previous night's game.