May 24, 2011

Matsuzaka Will Get Second Opinion On Elbow

Daisuke Matsuzaka has an appointment later this month with Dr. Lewis Yocum for a second opinion on injured right elbow. Red Sox medical director Dr. Tom Gill said Matsuzaka has a sprained ulnar collateral ligament and strained flexor.

This is the sixth time Matsuzaka has been on the disabled list:
May 28 - June 21: Mild right rotator cuff strain

April 15 - May 22: Mild right shoulder strain
June 21 - September 15: Mild right shoulder strain
(Injured hip joint before the season while training for the WBC; kept injury a secret all season)

April 4-30: Neck strain
June 8-23: Right forearm strain
(Also: missed August 27 start, sore back)
Terry Francona said Dice is currently in Japan and shot down a surgery rumour:
He had permission from us to go back home. It is a personal matter. He is not going to have surgery [while he's there]. We made that decision for him to go home awhile back.
Yocum has seen Matsuzaka's recent MRI, but has not personally examined him. The Red Sox believe that rest and rehab will enable Matsuzaka to return and pitch in the second half. However, if it's later determined that Dice needs Tommy John surgery, it could mean the end of his Red Sox career, since his contract ends after next season.

Bobby Jenks (strained right biceps) threw a 25-pitch side session on Monday and reported that "everything's looking good". He'll have another session on Wednesday and could rejoin the team in Detroit this weekend. There is a the possibility of a rehab outing or two, but Jenks doesn't think that will be necessary. "I need to get back out there. I've been going crazy in the dugout."

John Lackey (right elbow strain) will throw his first side session today. ... Marco Scutaro (left oblique strain) worked out on the field yesterday, but has not received permission to swing a bat.


Anonymous said...

just dropping by for my sporadic 'thanks for what you do' comment.

sometimes the simplest updates make me remember how joyful reading this blog is.

matthew said...

I realize that Lackey, unfortunately, is going to come back. I also realize that Wake likely holds on to Dice's vacated spot in the rotation. But if either of those doesn't work out (and let's face it, Lackey's gonna suck, so maybe he'll have a more extended DL trip) then what's the longer-term solution? Is there anyone in AAA ready?

Benjamin said...

Rafael Soriano is also seeing Dr. Andrews. I wonder who gets the bad news first.

Zenslinger said...

Dice-K has been a tough road for us. But this article by Passan is exaggerated. A shameful example of shit-stirring, really.