May 17, 2011

Lackey Put On Disabled List

John Lackey was placed on the disabled list last night with a strained right elbow. Tim Wakefield will start tonight in Lackey's spot.

Terry Francona:
There has been some tugging on that elbow. ... Lack is more than willing to pitch through everything. The more we talked to the medical people, the more we talked to Lack, we took it out of his hands. ... I don't think he was very happy about it because he's such a competitor.
Lackey is only the third pitcher since 1919 to have three games with eight or more earned runs allowed in his team's first 37 games of the season:
Claude Willoughby, 1930 Phillies - May 22, May 30, June 2 (consecutive starts)
Ray Scarborough, 1949 Senators   - April 23, May 3, May 19
John Lackey, 2011 Red Sox        - April 2, May 5, May 11
Daisuke Matsuzaka felt ill before last night's start [insert obvious joke]. Then Brian Roberts drilled Dice's first pitch of the game off his midsection.

Jason Varitek:
He got hit pretty hard, any way, shape or form. He was sick, he got hit in the stomach, and probably the rest of his body didn't feel too well. ... We have stuff that we have to take care of with him and what goes on. We'll take care of it.
He did not elaborate.


Patrick said...

I was really pumped to hear 'Lackey to the DL' until I realized it would be Wakefield taking his starts.

Kinda took the wind out of my sails.

fusionmouse said...

I was at the game last night with my son. Miserable conditions, that left the crowd extremely grumpy and dejected. They were giving no sympathy to Matsuzaka who obviously shared his discomfort by pitching at a glacial pace. (I think my 11 year old son went off to college during the game.)

We hung on till the end, though my son was ready to go after it was 10pm through the top of the 6th and we trailed by 6.

Awesome comeback! The fewer than 10,000 remaining fans were in full battle cry during the bottom of the ninth. Great fun.

fusionmouse said...

At least with Wakefield pitching tonight in similarly poor conditions, there will be less of an opportunity for hypothermia to set in.

Last night, the line for "hot drinks", coffee and hot chocolate, from dunkin donuts extended from the Gate A area almost down to gate D!