May 11, 2011

Thrown Out On The Bases

Last night, third base coach Tim Bogar once again waved a runner around third and that runner was a dead duck at the plate. I looked at some of the 2011 Red Sox baserunning stats at Baseball Reference.
Runner on first, batter hits a single    72 times
Runner advances to second                49 times
Runner advances to third or scores       20 times

Runner on first, batter hits a double    26 times
Runner advances to third                 16 times
Runner scores                             9 times

Runner on second, batter hits a single   40 times
Runner advances to third                 11 times
Runner scores                            25 times
There are differences of 3, 1, and 4, respectively, in the above totals. I am assuming those are runners thrown out at the various bases.

I may be wrong -- I took only a quick glance -- but Boston's numbers do not look much different than the numbers of other AL teams.

(Of course, this does not take into account whether sending the runner or taking the extra base was the right thing to do or a crazy bone-headed mistake. It's simply the raw numbers.)

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FenFan said...

The attempt by Crawford to score in the fourth inning last night was ill-advised. Patterson was scooping up the ball in shallow left just about the time that CC was touching third. Common baseball sense tells you to hold the runner at that point. CC never had a chance.

I found myself yelling "BOGAR!" despite my sore throat.