July 22, 2011

"The Greatest Modern New York Yankees Event Ball Ever Publicly Offered" Could Be Yours!

A baseball that Derek Jeter fouled into the stands two pitches before getting his 3,000th hit will be auctioned off by MEARS Online Auctions.

Sports Collectors Daily:
Four balls specially marked by Major League Baseball were used during Jeter's at bat. According to MEARS, the first was hit foul into the backstop and picked up by a Yankees ball boy. The second ball is the one acquired by the father of the consignor, who had his right arm in a sling but managed to deflect the ball off his fingers and pounce on it in the stairway to the right of where he was sitting. ...

"With the actual hit ball safely in the collection of Derek Jeter, this lot presents the first public opportunity to own a game used baseball originating directly from the historic at-bat," reads a company description. "The actual ticket from the fan that caught the ball also accompanies this lot."
How soon before someone tries to sell a bag of air allegedly taken from Yankee Stadium that afternoon, air that may have been in Jeter's lungs?


mattymatty said...

Jeter's 3,000 hit lung air??! I'LL BUY IT!!!


Jere said...

I have Jeter's 3,000th shit. Still pondering whether to sell or hold on to it for now.