July 24, 2011

McAdam: Red Sox Will Place Drew On Disabled List

J.D. Drew will be placed on the disabled list tomorrow with an impingement in his left shoulder, according to CSN's Sean McAdam.

Jon Lester will be activated from the DL tomorrow, and I'm assuming the corresponding move will be returning Kyle Weiland to Pawtucket. Maybe the Sox will replace one Drew with another Drew (Sutton)? ... WBZ's Dan Roche reports the move will simply be Lester for J.D.

Clay Buchholz is scheduled to throw in the bullpen on Monday afternoon. The Red Sox believe that while Buchholz may feel discomfort in his back for the rest of the season, he's not at risk for further injury. Terry Francona: "[W]hen you watch him throw, he looks great but he still feels it. ... I don't know if 'trepidation' is the right word - but there's some concern on his part, and I don't blame him."

Francona, on Bert Blyleven, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame today:
Saw Bert pitch in 1970. I was 11 years old. I went on a road trip with my dad. He threw like a two-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers. That's when I think my dad knew I was paying attention. After the game, I came into the clubhouse and said, "Dad, you got no chance hitting that curveball." He was looking at me like, OK, you're watching. Then I faced [Blyleven] in the big leagues a little bit.
1970 was Blyleven's rookie season (he was 19) and the elder Francona's final year in the majors. They faced each other only once: August 4, 1970, in Minnesota. Tito pinch-hit in the seventh inning and struck out looking. Blyleven struck out 12 in a complete game victory; he allowed seven hits. It was his 13th major league start and his 3rd complete game. (And Terry was 11 that summer.)

Francona the Younger was 1-for-9 against Blyleven, in 1988-89. He got the ball out of the infield only twice; the hit was an infield single.


9casey said...

J.D. Drew will be placed on the disabled list tomorrow

The beginning of the end for DJ Werd.

LBJ is on top for my Red Sock MVP...Just for the fact I can't think of a time this year he had a lapse...It seems like everyday he does something to help this team win..

Brad said...

Big fan of the label "Francona the Younger".

allan said...

Longer Tito quote:

"Then I faced him in the big leagues a little bit. He was pretty old and I got some hits."

No "hits", Terry, just "hit".