July 31, 2011

Red Sox Get Bedard In Seven-Player Deal With Mariners and Dodgers

The Red Sox made a last-minute trade for left-handed starter Erik Bedard, as part of a three-team, seven-player deal with the Mariners and Dodgers.

The Red Sox will get Bedard and pitcher Josh Fields (AA) from Seattle and will send catcher Tim Federowicz (AA) and pitchers Steven Fife (AA) and Juan Rodriguez (A) to the Dodgers and outfielder Chih-Hsien Chiang (AA) to the Mariners. And the Dodgers will send outfielder Trayvon Robinson (AAA) to Seattle.

          Get            Trade
Red Sox   Bedard         Federowicz
          Fields         Fife
Mariners  Robinson       Bedard
          Chiang         Fields
Dodgers   Federowicz     Robinson
Sox Prospects ranks Chiang at #19, Federowicz at #22, Fife at #32, and Rodriguez at #44, so if Bedard is healthy, this is a very nice deal.


johngoldfine said...

Plus he's Canadian!

allan said...

Plus he's Canadian!

Look at that!
Born: Navan, Ontario, CAN

laura k said...

If only I had access to Blogger today, I would have announced Bedard's Canadianosity as soon as I heard his name.

Bedard = PHC

[And his hometown is a palindrome.]

tim said...

Off topic here, just got back from northern ON and getting caught up on baseball events and e-mails.

One e-mail was from the blue jays, for a survey regarding the ticket package I bought this year. The last question was "overall comments on the 2011 Blue Jays season" - WELL...

I went into a great rambling rant about advertising in games, then as I went to submit the survey, 1,000 character limit - fuckers! So I shortened it to this:

There are FAR too many advertisements during games. On TV, at the park, it feels like an endless bombardment of ads on my senses. It's one thing to have some ads around the park but it has gotten to the point where commercials are blared between every inning, pitching change, etc. and your TV broadcasts often miss pitches due to commercials running long. There are even full screen commercials during innings in between batters! Every baseball event during the game has a sponsor (at bats, pitching changes, strikeouts, home runs, doubles etc) and it has made the game FAR less enjoyable for all fans. You want to increase attendance? Try NOT destroying people's ears with LOUD ads and ramming as many corporate names down our ears as possible.

As great as 80s night was, one item was lacking - the amount of advertising that was in place during the 80s. Now THAT'S an 80s night I'd like to see every night!

1000 character limit - please respond to me and I will offer further explanation!

I really hope they respond to this.

Anyway time to get caught up on my JoS readings...whats this about irabu...

tim said...

And this looks like a good deal for the red sox, of course, pending bedard's health. Solid lifetime ERA and ERA+ and Ks are decent but WHIP is shitty. Overall, he should be OK with our batting order supporting him.

Michael Holloway said...

The fun never ends ... well at least the non, non-waiver fun never ends.

laura k said...

Tim, great comments to Jays management, well said and I'm so glad you did it.

I once complained about the volume of sound effects. It was positive BLASTING in our ears. I complained while I was there - they were very nice, but basically said if you're sitting in certain seats, good luck - and also by email.

The Jays are so hot to sell tickets, they should pay attention to feedback.

laura k said...

As great as 80s night was, one item was lacking - the amount of advertising that was in place during the 80s. Now THAT'S an 80s night I'd like to see every night!

Love it!

tim said...


don't mean to do your job at all allan!

laura k said...

Well, somebody's got to do it, at least until Alaln gets out of bed.

She says at 11:20 am.

Pokerwolf said...

I saw Bedard pitch against the Nationals earlier this year. The looked really good, so I'm hopeful that he'll keep that form with the Sox.