July 18, 2011

Muddy Chicken

Joe McDonald, ESPNBoston:
After Boston's 1-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in 16 innings Sunday night/Monday morning at Tropicana Field, every Red Sox player kept yelling "Muddy Chicken" in the clubhouse.
Dustin Pedroia's hitting streak is now at 15 games, and he has reached base in 27 straight. Since June 5, he is hitting .382/.482/.699/1.180. No one in baseball has been hotter than the Muddy Chicken.

Josh Beckett:
We don't know his real name anymore. He is now the Muddy Chicken. The Muddy Chicken is definitely the player of the game. He got it done when we absolutely needed it.
When questioned about the freshly-minted sobriquet, Pedroia grinned and said:
I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't make up my own nicknames. It sounds awesome, though, doesn't it?
About an hour before the game, ESPN's Chris Singleton tweeted:
Dustin Pedroia just told me he would like to officially change his nickname from "Laser Show" to "Muddy Chicken". Effective immediately.
SoSHer Savin Hillbilly:
On June 5 he woke up with a .673 OPS. This morning he woke up at .866. In the intervening 34 games, he has batted .382/.482/.699/1.180. His counting numbers during that stretch, if pro-rated to 162 games, would give him 248 hits, 67 doubles, 43 HR, 129 BB, 153 runs scored and 134 RBI.

Right now, he's Babe Ruth.
David Ortiz:
Just put it down in the newspaper, I wouldn't trade Pedey for nobody in this league right now.
Pedey is dead. Long live the Muddy Chicken.


allan said...


Pedroia became the first Red Sox 2B homer in three straight games (July 9, 10, 15) since Felix Mantilla hit four in a three-game series against the Twins on September 18-20, 1964.

Before last night's game, Pedroia had hit six home runs in his last eight games (July 5-16). Bobby Doerr is the only other Red Sox second baseman to ever hit six dongs in an eight-game span (July 1-7, 1948 (or July 4-10, 1948, if you prefer) and June 8-13, 1950). Pedroia also has four straight 10+ HR seasons, the most by a Boston 2B since Doerr (1946-51).

Benjamin said...

"Muddy Chicken" is a terrible nickname, but whatever keeps him hitting like Babe Ruth....

allan said...

FY/MC, last 34 GMS:
"Right now, he's Babe Ruth."


That's his fookin CAREER totals!!!
2,503 GMS

andy said...

Can't you tell I'm in your corner
Don't you know I'll do it for you, you
We'd be too much together
And there is nothing we can't do, no no


laura k said...

I doubt we'll be able to switch from FUCK YEAH to Muddy Chicken, but it might add a little variety to our posts after he dongs or flashes leather.

johngoldfine said...

'Fuck Yeah' might be the best and most apposite nickname ever, but I do like the complete weirdness of 'Muddy Chicken.'

I'm even forgetting now: is FY just a JOS thing or does the rest of the world use it too? I mentioned someone's dong to my son the other day...and got a very strange look in return. Just a JOS thing, I guess....

laura k said...

We got FY from a video clip of Pedroia pounding his glove and screaming FUCK YEAH after he made a great play.

The gif was making the rounds, so it's possible some other fans out there are using the nick. A JoS doppleganger, perhaps...

But other than that, AFAIK it's JoS-only.

laura k said...

Around that time I also noticed he would scream FUCK ME after striking out. I don't know if he does that on a regular basis. :)

allan said...

We got FY from a video clip of Pedroia pounding his glove and screaming FUCK YEAH after he made a great play.

In Buchholz's no-hitter!

johngoldfine said...

Yes, the FY gif is a thing of beauty--you can lost in it like a meditation chant, over and over and over, the universe finally making sense, total affirmation, fuck yeah....

I didn't know about the 'fuck me' though!


allan said...

Keep fuck yeahing that muddy chicken!!!

Amy said...

He will always be FY to me. Any clue as to how he/they came with Muddy chicken?

allan said...

No clue.

Unknown said...

The phrase is money chicken not muddy chicken.

laura k said...

The phrase is money chicken not muddy chicken.

More information? Source?

erictomlin said...

According to Sports Illustrated, he gave himself that nickname while watching David Ortiz devour a plate of "disgusting looking" Dominican chicken covered in some kind of dark sauce.