July 28, 2011

Source: Sox "Very Concerned" About Buchholz's Injury

The Red Sox are "very concerned" that the issue with Clay Buchholz's lower back is not merely muscular, but could involve a structural issue, according to a report by WEEI's Alex Speier today.

Buchholz felt very good after throwing on Monday, but a follow-up session yesterday was cancelled and Buchholz will have another medical consultation either tomorrow or early next week.

Terry Francona was asked this morning if Buchholz might be lost for the rest of the season.
Oh, boy. The best way I think I can answer that is that it's not been the simplest muscle strain. That's pretty obvious. ... We want to have everything answered before we turn him loose. Because if we turn him loose, we don't want to turn back.
There have been several reports that the Sox are scouting Erik Bedard of the Mariners, who is scheduled to come off the disabled list tomorrow. A source told Ken Rosenthal that the Red Sox were "all over" Bedard. The Mariners have had scouts watching both Pawtucket (AAA) and Portland (AA).


Kyle said...

Bedard used to be lights out when he first came up with Baltimore but he suffered and elbow injury and has struggled to remain healthy.

Gammons just tweeted about who Sox might give up "Sox Wieland, Middlebrooks, A kids?" I sure hope they don't sacrifice Middlebrooks for Bedard or Jimenez!!!

Middlebrooks is a legit 3rd base prospect with frame of a Ryan Zimmerman.

Kyle said...

Middlebrooks 2011 at Portland:
is hitting .308 with 14 homers .878 OPS .350 OBP in 77 games

allan said...

Sox Prospects has Middlebrooks as the team's #1 prospect. Gammons should know Theo is not that stupid.

Kyle said...

Hope so. Theo has had some dud free agent deals but no trades that give up significant prospects unless we are getting quality in return.

Just don't want to see another pre-Theo, Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson type trade.

allan said...

What's Bedard's contract situation? ... Trading a top prospect for an oft-injured rental coming right off the DL is unlike Theo.

Kyle said...


Looks like he was signed as a free agent in 2010 and was paid $1.5m last year and will earn $1m this year.