October 15, 2011

Packing On The Pounds

The Globe's sports section continues its de-evolution into a supermarket tabloid with a photo series entitled "Did the Red Sox Pack On The Pounds?"

It features spring training photos of six players - Josh Beckett, John Lackey, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Tim Wakefield, and Jason Varitek -- alongside other pictures taken late in the season. "Take a look at side-by-side photos of some of the players in question and make your own judgment."

Is this all that different from The Star's "Best & Worst Beach Bodies"?

Deadspin continues the investigation: "Did These Boston People (And Inanimate Objects) Pack On The Pounds, Too? Judge For Yourself"


9casey said...

Wakefield did look fat and Becketts lack of conditiong has been a topic at this site before.

allan said...

I was surprised at Wake's gut this year and there were numerous observations about Beckett's bulk, but the point I was making is that the Globe's photos are no different from the "Is that a baby bump?" shots in the celebrity rags.

I know it didn't run in the print edition (at least I hope not), but you would think the Globe would consider having a bit more self-respect than that. Or they will happily sink as low as necessary to get web clicks.

laura k said...

This is not a discussion or analysis of lack of conditioning. It's just tabloid garbage disguised as sports "news". Bah.

9casey said...

allan said...
Or they will happily sink as low as necessary to get web clicks.

No doubt.... I listened to John Henry last night and he questioned the line between entertainment and journalism. And Masseroti admitted his show was more entertainment than journalism. How would anyone ever admit that they are entertaining, they are just TMZ with sports.

When ever i drive up north I can hear those stations but refuse to listen to them..

It is amazing the one thing that keeps those papers going, the sports section, all they do is trash all the teams. Maybe Henry should just buy them all.

But Wake is forty, I feel his pain. it is hard to manage the gut in later years.

But Beckett is more like a child , whether it is his actions on the mound or his pressers after game. His overall percieved attitude can get to ya a little bit...

Kevin Gray said...

Time to trim the fat. The Red Sox were acting like entitled, spoiled brats.

Jere said...

"Time to trim the fat. The Red Sox were acting like entitled, spoiled brats."

Oh man that is perfect! Great commentary on the way the average New Englander who knows nothing about baseball hears what their co-workers are saying which they got from completely invented articles written just to get clicks and then spews out that same infotainment. Beautiful work!

allan said...

It looks like he's a Jays fan, actually.

completely invented

If you're saying Hohler's article is 100% fiction, then you're the only one. Even the Red Sox players who have spoken on the record are not claiming that.