July 23, 2020

2020: More Than Half The Teams Will Play In Expanded Postseason

Only a few hours before the first pitch of the 2020 season, the Players Association and MLB agreed to expand the number of postseason teams this fall from 10 to 16.

That's 53.3% of major league teams – which will include two third-place clubs – making the postseason and having a chance at winning the coveted Piece of Metal™.

#&%;@ ... How about MLB bans shifts tomorrow and I can fucking cash in my chips on this season before the Red Sox's first pitch?

Rob "Ruining Baseball Every Day" Manfred:
It's going to be 8 teams from each league: The 3 division winners, the 3 second place teams, and the next two teams with the best record. There will be no first round byes. It will be pure seeding, 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7. And the advantage of winning the division is all three games in each series will be played at home all at the site with the club with the higher ranking.
Bob Nightengale, USA Today:
There will now be 16 teams qualifying for the postseason, with best-of-3 first round matchups in the first round, instead of a sudden-death wild-card game.
Bill Baer, NBC Sports:
The owners want expanded playoffs because they will make most of their money this year from postseason TV revenue. There will be no ticket or concession revenues as games will not be played in front of fans. ...

It is likely this change is for 2020 only, but we have seen in the past changes intended to become temporary instead become permanent.

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