July 26, 2020

NESN Headline: "Zander" Bogaerts

I received an email on Saturday from Jacob L., with a one-word subject line:

Thought you'd like this for your "NESN's attention to detail" archives. (They've since corrected the typo.)
Attached was this screenshot of a newly-posted NESN article:

My reply:
Holy shit! I saw the subject line and thought Zander might be your cute dog or something.
Read it on my phone in Apple News. Laughed at the error. Half an hour after I saw it I wondered if it was still like that on the website. Checked NESN.com but it was already fixed. Then I emailed you. I also wonder how long it took them to notice.
As you can see, the article was posted at 12:04 pm. Jacob's first email was sent at 12:33 pm, so the typo was up for at least 29 minutes. When he checked NESN.com at roughly 1:03 pm, it had been corrected. "Zander" could have been online for as much as an hour! (If only a NESN mole could provide a more precise answer.)

Xander may sound like Zander, but this is Bogaerts's eighth season with the Red Sox, and he's one of the team's best players. At large newspapers, the reporters do not write the headlines above their stories. I'll admit I don't know how things work at an online-only operation. Writers probably file remotely most of the time, so perhaps they do suggest headlines. Regardless, shouldn't both the reporter and her editor have a team roster within easy reach?


Jere said...

If you do a Google news search right now for "Zander Sox," that article still comes up first. (Everything below it is articles about guys actually named Zander.)

Bonus: Boston Globe spells Vazquez wrong in article with today's starting lineup. (Can't tell if it's fixed, paywall.)

wallythe24 said...

As if you didn't know , NESN really are Vankers.

allan said...

What was it, Vasquez?