July 1, 2020

Of Course He Does. Jeter Supports Loathsome Extra-Inning Baserunner Rule
("I Hated Extra Innings. I Didn't Want To Play. It's Not That Much Fun.")

I did not need any additional reasons to loathe the extra-inning baserunner that MLB will be using this season to drive loyal, long-time fans away from the game forever make games end quicker, but I got one this morning.

Derek Jeter likes the new rule.
I'm coming from the American League, so I like the DH. Even extra innings. As a player, I'm just talking on my behalf as a player, I hated extra innings. I just didn't want to play them. You play in 162 games and it's a long season, and you play 15 or 18-inning games, it's not that much fun.
Captain Intangibles says fans "want to see a little more excitement in the sport". I guess that's why, as a front office guy, he traded away his best players to boost profits for management. Go, team! And during his playing days, Jeter refused to do things to make his team better, i.e., more exciting, like changing positions for a far superior player and batting lower in the lineup as his skills deteriorated.

Anyway, I'm not convinced altering one of the game's foundational rules, in place since the sport's beginning, to merely get this fucking game over with as soon as possible so I can go do something else is the best avenue to create excitement.

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wallythe24 said...

Not for the first time , you've hit the nail on the head.