July 23, 2020

EdRo Update: "They've Discovered Something That We Need To Get Rid Of"

That doesn't sound bad at all.

Alex Speier, Boston Globe:
Ron Roenicke says 'minor complications have been discovered' with Eduardo Rodriguez in his recovery from COVID-19. 'We're going to shut Eddie down from baseball activities' for a week.

Roenicke says Rodriguez hasn't tested positive. 'They've just discovered something that we need to get rid of this completely before he gets back on the field.' He says Sox are confident Rodriguez will pitch this season.
Pete Abraham, Boston Globe:
President Trump said today he is throwing out the first pitch before the Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on Aug. 15.

The president mentioned Aug. 15. Yankees have confirmed only that he will throw out a pitch at a game at some point this season.
Of course, he decides he wants to throw out a pitch now, when there is zero chance of his dementia-addled ass being booed off the field.

Intelligent Yankee Fans Alert!
(Or "Log-Rolling In Our Time"? I do have a blurb from RAB, below-right.)

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