July 31, 2020

Phillies, Marlins, Cardinals Report Positives Tests; More Games Postponed; Hitchin' A Ride: Infected Marlins To Take 18-Hour Bus Ride

Two positives SARS-CoV-2 tests on the Cardinals have forced the postponement of tonight's Cardinals-Brewers game (Milwaukee's home opener). It has been rescheduled as part of a Sunday doubleheader. Tomorrow's game is still on the schedule.

Is MLB learning anything? That strategy was a disaster for the Marlins (playing the next day or waiting one day is the same thing, virus-wise), who reported yet another positive test, bringing the team's total to 20 (18 players and two staff members; 18 players is 60% of the 30-man roster). It will not be surprising if the Cardinals have additional positive tests tomorrow or Sunday or next week (if they play this weekend).

The Phillies reported a second positive test and have cancelled their next three games (Saturday doubleheader and Sunday game) against the Blue Jays. The Phillies have not played a game since last Sunday. If they play their next scheduled game (Monday in New York against the Yankees), it will be after seven days off.

The Blue Jays are also of until Monday. They plan to stay in Washington and work out at Nationals Park over the weekend and fly to Atlanta on Sunday night.

The Nationals' games in Miami tonight and this weekend have been postponed. Washington hosts the Mets next Tuesday (after four days off).

The Marlins are going to send their 20 infected employees (currently quarantined at a hotel in Philadelphia) back to Miami on a bus. Craig Calcaterra (NBC Sports):
It's about an 18 hour drive to Miami from Philadelphia. And no, I have no idea how you get someone to volunteer to drive a bus with a dozen and a [half] people infected with an outrageously contagious, untreatable and incurable disease 1,200 miles, but I have to assume there is some danger pay involved. Maybe the upside to this is that someone could write a pretty spiffy screenplay out of this ... Anyway, in case you think that the 2020 baseball season has not turned dystopian enough, we are about to have plague ships full of baseball players roaming the eastern seaboard.
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