February 14, 2004

Coup Coup Ka Choo. "In the fall, I sat with Jim March, an anti-Diebold tech expert in Sacramento, Calif., while he showed me on his home PC how to steal an election. ... March helped me open a file containing actual results from a March 2002 primary election held in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. -- a file that March says would be accessible to anyone who worked in the county elections office on Election Day. Following March's direction, I changed the vote count with a few clicks. Then, he explained how to alter the "audit log," erasing all evidence that we'd tampered with the results. I saved the file. If it had been a real election, I would have been carrying out an electronic coup. It was a chilling realization." [Farhad Manjoo, "Will the Election Be Hacked?"]

Miami Herald: "The [Florida] Department of State has notified elections supervisors that touchscreen ballots don't have to be included during manual recounts because there is no question about how voters intended to vote."

WaPo: "Files released by the White House last night from President Bush's Vietnam War-era service in the National Guard ... provide no evidence that he did any military service in Alabama. ... And the records show officials from Bush's home base in Texas declining to provide details of his activities between May 1972 to April 1973, even though such documentation was requested by National Guard headquarters." ... It's getting tough to keep the lies straight. ... Anyone else curious about Bush's community service (done in "inner-city" Houston right after working on the campaign of a segregationist)?

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