February 29, 2004

Pedro Precise In Mound Session. "For the first time in 135 days, Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez stepped on a pitcher's mound and threw a baseball. Rust? Invisible. Quality of the stuff after that considerable layoff? In the opinion of [Dave Wallace], "ridiculous." Martinez threw 49 pitches from the bullpen late Sunday morning and the results were typically sparkling. ... 'It felt great, actually. For so long without actually touching the mound, I thought it was great. Nice and loose, smooth. I thought I was going to be more divorced from the mound than I was. I got a little bit excited today and I actually threw all three pitches and all three seemed to be pretty comfortable. It's the first time ever that I threw breaking balls on the first time out on the mound. I normally just throw fastballs. This time I felt like I could do that, I had the luxury to do that."

Schilling's throwing BBs, Pedro's got 3 pitches working already, Nomar's spraying the ball to right field, Manny looks fierce, and we got Jesus Christ playing centerfield. It Is On.

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