February 15, 2004

Trade Not Final Yet. The MLB Players Association gave its approval to the Rodriguez-to-Yankees deal, but the trade will not be finalized until Monday, at the earliest. According to a Rangers statement: "The Commissoner's Office has notified the Texas Rangers that there will be no decision made by Commissioner Bud Selig today on the proposed trade with the New York Yankees."

According to the terms announced by ESPN, Texas will pay an additional $67 million of Rodriguez's contract. Factoring in what Texas has already paid for the 2001-03 seasons, when all is said and done, Tom Hicks will have paid Alex Rodriguez $140 million for 3 years of work -- a staggering $46.7 million per season. By contrast, the Yankees will pay Rodriguez an average of $16 million for seven years. ... Step aside Bud, it looks like baseball's got a new Supreme Moron. ... Ben Affleck: "George Steinbrenner is the center of evil in the universe."

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