February 14, 2004

Oh Shit. Newsday moved this story at 3:02 pm: "The Yankees and Rangers have an agreement in principle on a monster trade that will send superstar shortstop Alex Rodriguez to New York in exchange for Alfonso Soriano [and a minor-league pitcher]. No announcement is expected today, as a couple very minor technical details are still to be worked out. However, all sides remain confident everything will be finalized within a few days, a source said. ... The impetus for the deal was Rodriguez's surprising willingness to agree to play third base."

Fort Worth Star Telegram: "Alex Rodriguez could be on his way to the New York Yankees as early as today. Major League officials confirmed that the Rangers have been talking with the Yankees about a trade that would send Rodriguez to New York for second baseman Alfonso Soriano and possibly a minor league player. The teams are awaiting approval from the Baseball Players' Association about minor restructuring of Rodriguez's contract. ... The trade talks have been going on for about a week."

Sportsline.com has totally jumped the gun with this headline: "Yankees acquire A-Rod from Texas for Soriano." ... According to x-jack at Sam Horn, Kevin Kiernan (NY Post) and Tom Keegan (ESPN) "suspected that this was a ploy by ARod/Boras/Hicks to get the Red Sox back into the picture. ARod can veto any trade and Kiernan didn't think he wanted to come to NY and share the spotlight with Jeter -- never mind play third base." ... That is looking less likely as the afternoon goes on, however.

Oh and before I forget. Mike Celizic? You are now on the List -- the List to get 4am wakeup calls when Boston takes the World Series this fall.

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