February 16, 2004

Fun With Anagrams. The bloggers and readers of Corrente offer a long list of anagrams for the Republicans 2004 campaign slogan -- "Steady Leadership in a Time of Change." Here are my top 10:

I'm a hypertense, death-dealing fiasco.
Slimy, cheapish deafening toadeater.
The famed ace is lying, Oedipean trash.
Fleeting hypocrite ass-head idea man.
Honestly! I am a disheartened pig-face.
He is the friendly scapegoat idea man.
Megadeath and hyperfine socialites.
Ape Shit! tone-deaf, hymenial disgrace.
Inane freedoms agitated cheapishly.
Dad cheat? Fly airship? Gee! I am not seen.

Calpundit: "Former Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett says that members of George Bush's staff, along with senior officers at Texas National Guard Headquarters, purged Bush's National Guard files of potentially embarrassing material back in 1997. Is his story true?" With links to transcripts of interviews he's done with the people involved and the journalists who have written about it over the past few years. ... Harry Jaffe of The Washingtonian follows up on the tense exchange between Helen Thomas and Scott McClellan last Friday over whether Bush had been compelled to perform community service in the early 1970s.

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