February 25, 2004


"I'm not interested in talking about my contract right now. My situation is not a big deal right now. I think we have a good enough team to win this year if we stay healthy. I would just like to concentrate on that and leave the contracts and stuff behind me. ... I've always said, that I would like to retire with a Boston hat. ...

"I feel great physically. I actually feel like in those young days when it was easy to pick up a ball and just gas it somewhere. I hope I can maintain that. ... I feel all the work I've done the last two years is paying off. Everything is just fluent. Right now my body is reacting extremely well. I don't feel like 190. Before I felt a little heavy. I felt uncomfortable a little bit. Now I feel I got used to it. I feel equally as loose and actually throwing the ball a little harder."

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