February 24, 2004

No Guarantees. Re: Kevin Millar's comment to the New York Post: "I honestly believe that we're going to win the World Series this year." Several Yankees, speaking to two other Post reporters, acted like Millar had guaranteed a World Series title. Joe Torre seemed to understand where Millar was coming from. "That's the way to go to spring training. That's the way to do it." Nothing wrong with Millar's statement. Shouldn't every Yankee feel the same way about his team's chances? ... There will be plenty of fodder for the rivalry this year; there is no need to make anything up.

It turns out George Steinbrenner will not file a grievance with the Commissioner's office over John Henry's quasi-comparision of the senile Yankee owner to Don Rickles. Steinbrenner did, however, fire back with a quip of his own: "As far as Henry is concerned, he reminds me of Ray Bolger, the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz."

Alan Embree wants to stay in Boston. If he pitches in 50 games this season, his $3 million option kicks in for 2005. "I'd love to just tear it up and get something else done. ... My mentality is much better suited to this brand of baseball. ... I like it when it's on the line and every day it's on the line (in Boston)." ... Terry Francona on Curt Schilling: "I thought he put on a clinic. ... (Schilling's) command today was much better than the other day. He was crisp with everything. That's the way he pitches." ... Francona said that he's not planning to have any intra-squad games prior to the Grapefruit League opener against Minnesota on March 4. ... Keith Foulke, who suffered a minor left calf strain Sunday, did some long-distance throwing and indoor conditioning. ... Jason Giambi says he lost, at most, 4 pounds this winter. Some say it was as much as 25. You be the judge.

A couple of new websites I found yesterday: yankeesredsox.com and Fenwaynation.com.

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