July 30, 2007

Clip And Save

Daniel Lamothe at Red Sox Monster links to Baltimore Sun writer Dan Rodricks's prediction:
Red Sox will choke. It's going to get really ugly. It's going to be historic. The Curse Resurrectio. They'll not only lose the AL East. They won't get a wild-card bid.

Yanks will finish first in the East, the Tigers in the Central and the Angels in the West. The Indians will be the wild-card.

The Orioles will make a run and finish strong -- edging out the Jays and the Sox into second place right behind the Yankees.

There, it's done. I said it. I'm gonna live with it. I've started the Bosox Choke Watch.
Does this guy really believe this? (If I'm reading it right, he has the Red Sox pegged for 4th.) Is it only for attention? Does he burn to become CHB Jr.?

At the moment, it is the Orioles who are in fourth place, 49-55, 14.5 GB.


Jere said...

That's even worse than this one: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19985251/

Jere said...

Here's the print column by Rodricks: http://xml.baltimoresun.com/news/local/bal-md.rodricks26jul26,0,1101810,print.column?coll=bal_news_local_util

The dude is from Mass, but apparently is pissed at Red Sox Nation for becoming "what Yankeedom once was." Sick of our attitude. I think this is more of that misdirected anger--should be mad at his fellow Oriole fans who don't go to the games, leaving thousands of empty seats for us. What a prick that guy is. Screw him.

laura k said...

Is it only for attention?

Could be. Could be pure sensationalism.

Well, he can cry in his beer as the rest of us are celebrating.

allan said...

Wanna talk about pathetic fans?

Check out this Courant story about the Sox fans at the Trop on Saturday:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Woefully outnumbered by Red Sox Nation, who packed the seats by the thousands at Tropicana Field Saturday night, Devil Rays fans were practically begged to take a stand.

"Out-cheer! Out-yell!" implored the scoreboard in right field. But there was no hope of victory there.

Finally, Jonny Gomes succeeded where the scoreboard failed. He made thousands of Red Sox fans fall silent - even if only for a moment.

The scoreboard has to tell them to cheer for their own team!

allan said...

The dude is from Mass, but apparently is pissed at Red Sox Nation for becoming "what Yankeedom once was." Sick of our attitude.

Tell him to get back to us after we do whatever he thinks we're doing for decades and decades and decades.

It's amazing. People repeat it as fact that the Red Sox now are big spenders just like the MFY. First of all, it's not true. Just look at the payrolls. And second, just because the Sox have been spending more $$ in the last few years doesn't equal spending $$$ for dozens of years.

Jesus. People are so stupid.

Patriots Film said...

Umm, okay bud, thanks for the input. I'm not saying a choke is out of reach, but come ON, the orioles? If we play 500 ball here on out, they'd have to play .750 ball.

what a complete idiot.

Danie said...

Oy Vey to the MSNBC article. First of all, what the hell is wrong with Lefty, has he not now won Two, count 'em two Masters??? Secondly, the stupid analogy makes no sense. I mean, aside from the obvious (Lefty's won two more majors, we haven't won any more World Serieses...)

Ah, and the reason he didn't make the cut, the guy is injured...

And then they compare Lefty to Bill Buckner, man, they must have been passin' around some sort of heavy duty drug recently, because these articles are insane. Are the Red Sox going to win the East by 20? No way in hell. But do they have a pretty darn tootin' good chance of winning the AL East, why not???

Oy, oy vey...

Red Sox Monster said...

Hey, thanks for the link on this. Nice find by Jere with the follow-up, too.

If he's upset about some Sox fans being arrogant... well, I think all of us would agree there's some of them out there. Thing is, last time I checked, I think all teams have those, and it seems more like we've got a case of a non-sports guy generalizing in his generalist column, here.

One other thing: If memory serves me correctly, haven't the Orioles broken the bank before, too? (Javy Lopez ring a bell?) Just saying.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. While I'm not ready to hand the Sox the division or even a playoff spot yet, I don't think they'll finish fourth...

One thing he's right about, though: If the Sox DO choke the division lead (and they could), even if they make the playoffs, there's going to be hell to pay.

tim said...

They've got some worldly scholars over there in Baltimore - the painted sock thing, now this...intelligence manifests itself in the monument city.

As for the Dye trade rumor...

I think Dye for WMP and Donnelly or Lopez would be a decent shake. No prospects or MDC though.

tim said...

Oh, and as for Gagne - that'd be a stellar pick up as well.

Noah said...

I don't want to overpay for Gagne. The Braves are going to give up Kyle Friggin' Davies for Dotel. That seems like a much fairer price for bullpen help.

The Dye trade sounds like a winner Boston. Should Dye move on in the offseason, would the Red Sox get compensation picks?