July 17, 2007

Gabbard's Gem

Among Red Sox rookies:
the first nine-inning shutout since Paul Quantrill (July 4, 1993; 9-2-0-3-6)

the first nine-inning shutout at Fenway Park since Roger Clemens (July 26, 1984; 9-4-3-3-11)

the first nine-inning shutout at Fenway Park by a LHP since Roger Moret (September 24, 1971; 9-4-0-7-8)
After the eighth, they didn't come over and say anything. I didn't know how many pitches I had. ... The only complete games I've thrown were in high school [in Florida seven years ago]. This is the first one in my pro career, and I'm glad it's here in front of these fans and some of my family, too.
Steven Krasner takes a closer look at Gabbard's pitches. Of 107 pitches, Krasner counted 50 fastballs. MPH: fastball 84-88, changeup 78-81 and curveball 77-78.

Curt Schilling will pitch for Pawtucket this Saturday for three innings or about 45 pitches. He's also lined up for a PawSox start on July 26 and could return to the Red Sox on either July 31 or August 1 against Baltimore.

Reports on Clay Buchholz's first AAA start from the ProJo, Herald, Globe and RedSox.com.

And Curtis "You Son Of A Bitch" Leskanic has rejoined the Red Sox as a scouting consultant.


laura k said...

Curtis "You Son Of A Bitch" Leskanic

Translation, please.

allan said...

During the Ring Ceremony in 2005, as Johnny Pesky got his ring and made his way down the line of Sox players, he got to Curtis and said -- quite loudly (on the NESN broadcast) -- "Leskanic! You son of a bitch!"