July 11, 2007

Ortiz Likely Needs Knee Surgery (In Off-Season)

Gordon Edes, Globe:
David Ortiz privately mentioned last weekend the possibility he might require a surgical procedure on his right knee, but because of the uncertainty surrounding his condition, he said he didn't want to say anything publicly until he knew more.

But yesterday, when asked specifically about his condition by the Boston Herald, Ortiz admitted he "probably" would need a procedure after the season.

Ortiz had said in Detroit over the weekend that the knee began to bother him last season after he twisted it while fielding bunts in batting practice at Yankee Stadium ... He said he got the knee tangled in some netting and twisted it, which was the cause of his problems.

"Some days it's good, some days it isn't," Ortiz said. ...

He did not attribute the decline in his performance to injuries, including hamstring and quadriceps problems. "It's the way I'm being pitched," he said. "You just don't get anything to hit anymore."
I have a hard time believing his last comment. He's getting pitches to hit -- and he's hitting them.

He's batting .314 and slugging .516. He has has many doubles right now (29) as he had all last season. His HR numbers is down and that could be due to his inability to generate power with his legs.


Patriots Film said...

Well, at least he admits it. I'm disappointed that he seemingly did nothing to fix the knee in the off season.
It was pretty obvious something was injured, as his home runs were blatantly turned into doubles or fly balls (hr down, doubles....doubled)

9casey said...

I beleive he is the last person we have to worry about.

9casey said...

Sources: Yankees willing to talk extension with A-Rod during season...

With Stipulations of course.....But if they agree to give him 30 mil a year , what will they have to give Jeter when it is his time..30.5 mil

laura k said...

I agree w/ 9Casey. I'm not concerned about Ortiz.

laura k said...

But if they agree to give him 30 mil a year , what will they have to give Jeter when it is his time