July 1, 2007

Ellsbury . . . And Crisp And Pena

There's an interesting discussion at SoSH about the somewhat odd timing of Jacoby Ellsbury's Boston debut.

As MLB.com's Alex McPhillips put it:
The timing of the move was surprising, its consequences still not immediately clear.
Does it mean Coco Crisp's thumb injury is worse than reported? Has the front office given up on Wily Mo Pena as a 4th outfielder? Is there a possible deal in the works involving either Crisp or Pena?

Ellsbury had to be added to the 40-man roster for the call-up, so this doesn't appear to be an "up for the week" move while Joel Pineiro is on the DL. (If it was short-term, we'd probably be seeing David Murphy again.) Even if they do send him down -- and they recall him for September -- it would burn an option, but I don't see that as much of a big deal, since he'll likely be on the big league roster to stay in 2008.

I liked the Arroyo-for-WMP trade, but I really don't see how he fits on this team. He won't see any time at DH and he's always going to be iffy in the field if he's a fourth outfielder (or even as a regular). Lack of playing time will hinder any potential he has as a bat off the bench.

Ellsbury started the year in Portland (AA), where he hit .452 with 13 RBIs in 17 games. In 50 games at Pawtucket, he batted .277 with 21 steals. He's wearing #46.

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