July 13, 2007

Ortiz's 2006 MRI Showed Meniscus Tear

Gordon Edes, Globe:
After last night's victory, Ortiz elaborated on the condition of his knee, saying last year he had undergone an MRI that showed a small tear of the meniscus cartilage.
Ian Browne, MLB.com:
"It's been bothering me to hit like I normally do, because I use my legs a lot to hit, and I bend on my knee and put a lot of pressure on my knee. And sometimes it becomes sore, and it kind of makes me stand up more as a hitter and makes you stand up at the plate different." ...

Ortiz said that he had multiple MRIs on the knee last year, but none this season. He said there are no current plans to get more tests and the only thing that would change his course of action is if he developed inflammation.
Rob Bradford, Herald:
"I don't think I need to go in there now," said Ortiz regarding surgery. ... "I have days where I feel fine, but when I have to do a lot of running, like I had (to) tonight, the next day I come (in) a little sore from all the running," said Ortiz, who doesn't foresee undergoing any kind of surgery during the season.

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