July 15, 2007

Tiz: Magadan Helps Me Too. Really.

When it was reported recently that David Ortiz had called former hitting coach Ron Jackson for some advice, I wondered how Dave Magadan, the man in that job right now, felt about that.

Well, now I'm thinking someone told Ortiz to talk up Magadan, because he's singing his praises now.
Today Mags pulled me to the video (room) and he showed some stuff I put into play today, and it made a huge difference. Every time I took a swing I was just looking at him, "Dude, you should have taught me this three months ago." But Mags, man, he's keeping his eyes on all of us. He's done a great job. He's trying to watch and learn how everybody works around here, and that's the best thing you can do as a hitting coach when you first come to a team.
I don't care if Flo gets his hitting tips from the hot dog vendors, as long as he keeps hitting. But I find the timing of this a little amusing.


Patriots Film said...

Well, he also said in the previous papa jack quote that "all the stuff he's been telling me, mags told me too...i just listened better" or something.

s1c said...

Closed door meeting yesterday?

Patriots Film said...

Oh yeah- signs point to titopressure!

Just sayin, it's one of those media impression things....everyone misunderstood papi's statement, he had to clear it up, etc

Patriots Film said...

Also, as for the hot dog vendor- agreed. Whatever it was, it worked. Papi's been swinging better, albeit very SSS