July 1, 2007

G80: Rangers 2, Red Sox 1

David Ortiz had his first chance at a walk-off hit this season -- but popped up Eric Gagne's 1-1 pitch to first with Dustin Pedroia on base to end the game.

It was the last of Boston's many opportunities to score some runs. Tavarez pitched well enough to win (5.7-7-2-3-2, 106) and the bullpen (Javier Lopez, Manny Delcarmen, Hideki Okajima) allowed only one hit in 3.1 innings, but the Red Sox left 11 men on base.

1st: 1st and 2nd, 1 out: Manny Ramirez F7, JD Drew 1-3.
4th: 1st and 2nd, 0 outs: Eric Hinske GIDP 463, Jason Varitek 1-3.
5th: 1st and 2nd, 1 out (one run already in): Ortiz F7, Ramirez 6-3.
7th: 1st and 2nd, 2 outs: Ortiz K.
8th: 1st and 2nd, 2 outs: Cora 4-3.
9th: 1st, 1 out: Kevin Youkilis P9, Ortiz P3.

After a 13-14 record in June, the Red Sox start July with an L. ... But even if the Blue Jays beat Seattle, we'll still hold a 9.5-game lead.


Kameron Loe (6.02, 76 ERA+) / Julian Tavarez (4.60, 97 ERA+)

Sexy Lips faces the Rangers for the third time this season. In starts in Texas on April 7 (4-6-4-5-3) and May 27 (5.2-6-4-1-6), Tavarez allowed a total of eight earned runs in 9.2 innings.

Loe pitched in those two previous games, as well. He came out of the pen on April 7, allowing two hits, one walk and one run in .1 of an inning. He started and got a no-decision on May 27 (6-7-3-1-2).

Pedroia, 2B    Lofton, CF
Youkilis, 3B Vazquez, 2B
Ortiz, DH Young, SS
Ramirez, LF Sosa, DH
Drew, RF Catalanotto, LF
Hinske, 1B Byrd, RF
Varitek, C Wilkerson, 1B
Cora, SS Melhuse, C
Ellsbury, CF Metcalf, 3B


laura k said...

Happy Canada Day, everybody! (Especially Woti-Woti and Tim.)

Thanks for your good wishes, Woti. We had a lot of fun. Maybe you can make wmtc3.

allan said...

A's already up 8-0 on the Chokers (1 in 1st, 7 in 2nd):

Pettitte gone after 1.2 IP and 42 pitches: 9 hits, 8 runs (7 earned).


Jim said...

Thanks, L-girl, yeah, maybe next year (anyone in the Bronx saying that?).

Finally an AL club figures out that the emperor has no clothes and Pettitte just throws batting practice. Is Fat Billy next?

And really, Rangers don't have Texiera, Kinsler or Blalock. Sox gotta beat these guys.

Benjamin said...

Haren's doing his best to give it all back, though.

Benjamin said...

As win, but the Sox offense can't buy a run (or at least more than one).

Benjamin said...

Hinske's batting is quickly approaching the Lugo line.

tim said...

Happy Canada Day to everyone else too!

I must say, I'm a little upset at Okie's All Star snub (best ERA in the leauge) but we got 5 on there anyways.

Benjamin said...

Birling down a down white water, Toronto failed to capitalize. So we're still up 10 (though don't deserve to be at this point).