July 18, 2008

G98: Angels 11, Red Sox 3

Red Sox - 020 100 000 -  3  5  0
Angels - 300 143 00x - 11 14 0
With Tampa Bay's 2-1 victory over the hapless Blue Jays, Boston dropped back into second place (0.5 GB) for the day.

In Pawtucket, David Ortiz homered for the second game in a row.


Clay Buchholz (5.70, 76 ERA+) / John Lackey (2.46, 167 ERA+)

SoSH series preview. Although LA is 57-38 (one game better than Boston's 57-40), their expected record is only 50-45. It's the biggest differential in the majors -- Atlanta is the opposite, underperforming by seven games.

The game thread should be at Ish's blog, which also shows you what happens when J.D. Drew goes hiking. If Ish is unavailable, check out ThreadSox.

Also: Rays/Blue Jays and Athletics/Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees: "[T]here is no ignoring the math. ... The Red Sox need to stumble and the Yankees must play their best ball of the season to keep the Red Sox from winning their second consecutive AL East title." ... "Why has a team that entered the season with championship dreams been little better than average through the first 95 games?"


andy said...

Where will you be for the game?

Soxlosophy said...

I hope Double H reigns in the fastball a little bit. Last time he was 95, 96 with the 4 seamer. I'd rather he throw 92 with some 2 seam movement and command.

In all the talk about his fastball and arm slot, I didn't hear anything about developing more movement and perhaps decreasing velocity. Do you happen to know- has he tried a two seamer and didn't feel comfortable? what gives?


nixon33 said...

thank god there is red sox baseball tonight.

Amy said...

Too late a game for you? Likely too late for me, at least to see the whole thing. Damn west coast games.

Patrick said...

Damn this giant planet and it's vertical axis. Most of all, damn that west coast. How dare it be so far *YawN* west.

allan said...

We are in Fort Lee, NJ. Will probably not be able to follow the game, unless we can steal some wireless from someone in the apt. building.

allan said...


FKR 2, Tor 1
MFY 7, A's 1

andy said...

And we concede the division for the night.

nixon33 said...

manny being manny

Rob said...

Theo doesn't look like someone who wants to pick up Manny's option for 2009.

Boston Knucklehead said...

The Yankees can kiss my ass!