July 15, 2008

What's New?

Josh Hamilton can hit a baseball.

RSM tipped me off to an article on Butch Hobson.

In and out today. Anything else worth reading?


9casey said...

I heard it all day from Yankee fans about Papelbon........I can't figure out why he answers questions...

All he had to say when asked bout who was closing the game was " thats up to Tito I do not control these things" Tito seemed pretty annoyed as well.....

Dr. Jeff said...

Hiya, I've emailed you a few times (Jeff from New Mexico) so thought I would leave a comment about this article I read in the S.F. Chronicle. Reporter interviewed a few bay area players about their experiences in Yankee Stadium:

Alan Embree, A's reliever:
In game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, with the Red Sox leading the Yankees 5-3, manager Grady Little decided to leave in Pedro Martinez to face Hideki Matsui with a man on first base. The Boston fans and media thought Little should have summoned Embree, a left-hander.

Matsui hit an RBI double and scored on a Jorge Posada double. Aaron Boone's homer in the 11th sent the Yankees to the WS, and Little was soon fired.

"Early in the season, we had given Grady reasons not to have much faith in the bullpen, but in the postseason, we just happened to come together at the right time," said Embree, adding he expected Little to make a move before the Matsui at-bat.

"Mike (Timlin) and I were warming up. When (Little chose to stick with Martinez), I looked over at Mike and said, 'You hurt?' He said, 'I was thinking about asking you the same thing.'"

allan said...

Today's a beautiful day, I've got the computer outside on the patio, the dogs are enjoying the fresh air and sun ... thanks for pissing me off, Jeff!


2004 and 2007 has done nothing to dampen my hatred for that man. The Red Sox could win the next 25 World Series in a row and I would still totally lose my shit if I saw Gump in person.

allan said...

9casey -- see my latest post. it's rivera who actually said he "should" close.

allan said...

Cider Mill Press is publishing a tribute to Red Sox fans, as a part of a series on obsessed/remarkable/nutty sports fans.

Press Release: "Blow us away with your stories, photographs, tidbits, and factoids, and you could become a member of the Fan Hall of Fame! Send your information to fanhalloffame@gmail.com."