July 17, 2008

Murray Chass, Blogger

It's true (apparently).

FJM takes a peek.


Jack said...

FJM already made the point, but the stupid is very painful from Murray.

One way would be to reward the team with the better won-lost record. But that idea wouldn’t work logistically. Baseball can’t wait until days or even a week before the World Series is scheduled to start to determine where Series game will be played. Airlines and hotels don’t work that way.

Good thing we know that the World Series will start in American League City this year. Whew! I was worried for a second there that the airlines and hotels were going to be unavailable.

Benjamin said...

Why do we wait until the end of the championship series to determine which teams will play in the World Series? Won't somebody think of the golfing industry?

andy said...

when will old people realize that they cannot speak out against new communication because in order to be heard they must use the same method as they are mad at?

Probably never.

I hate all that new fangled hippy screaming so I wrote this rock song to protest their rock songs.

laura k said...

Stop the presses! The contest is over.

This is top self-parody of all time.

laura k said...

I had to check several times to see if it was really Chass, or someone mocking him.

Absolutely amazing.

The man is simply afraid of anything new and unknown to him. That is very sad.

(And friends tell me he is regarded as a pathetic joke among his colleagues, too, which is sadder still.)