July 27, 2008


Caution: Happiness and sunshine inside.


kivers said...

Heidi Watney sure is pretty.

Jack Marshall said...

I love the Red Sox. They make every day special...they give me boxscores to read in the morning, and dreams of diamond daring-do at night. I love Pedroia's joy and mammoth swing, I love Papi's clap and his dramatic flair. I love the way Manny's hair bounces as he jogs out to left, and the way you know when he has hit it out by the look in his eyes. I love Dice-K's little hip-wiggle right before he throws a pitch.

I love that little "O" that Papelbon makes with his lips when he's staring in for the sign, and the fact that he throws strikes; I love the way Jason Veritek walks back to the dugout after he strikes out, always dignified, deep in thought. I love the casual way Mike Lowell stops a scorcher at third---I love Coco's sly little smile, and his total disregard for his body when he dives for the ball. I love Jacoby's promise, and Timlin's past. I love the way opposing players look back at Wakefield when the ball does tricks, and the way his expression never changes when his knuckler stops knuckling. I love the easy power of J.D. Drew's swing, and the way he reacts to a homerun and a strikeout with the same cool detachment. I love that Kevin Cash isn't Doug Mirabelli, and that Buchholtz isn't Ian Kennedy. I love the look of confidence and defiance as "the Mayor" raises his leg at the plate. I love John Lester's left arm, and Beckett's heater. I love the suspense of the Sox bullpen, knowing that any one of them has the talent to be brilliant, and that some day, soon, they will figure it out.

And I love that Tito can put more than two words together and make sense, and that he's an honest, decent baseball man who respects his players and the game, and does a difficult job with good humor and skill. I love that he's not Grady Little, Jimy Williams, Don Zimmer of John McNamara.

I love the owners, who have the same dedication to the team as Tom Yawkey without the racism, favoritism, and terrible personnel judgement. I love Theo courage, and willingness to attack problems. I love DeMarlo Hale, the best Sox 3rd base coach in forty years, and maybe ever.

I love Remy's Boston accent and honesty, and I love Joe C's eloquent economy with the language.

Most of all, I love the witty, baseball-savvy, crazy, passionate fans of Fenway Park. And how I wish I still lived in Arlington, Mass, so I could sit with them and cheer in the most beautiful, exciting place in the whole, wide, beautiful world.

mattymatty said...

I like the Red Sox. Yay!


(Seriously, I really do like them. Yay!)

tim said...

I unfortunately will not be seeing tonight's game, as I will be getting my ass kicked by progressive thrash metalists Propagandhi in Toronto tonight!

Patrick said...

That Rant post sure is therapeutic.

And Heidi Watney is swell.

allan said...

Extra Innings is amazing.

It allowed me to watch every game of the 2004 season even though I lived in New York. And now, in Ontario, I know that if the Sox are playing, it'll be visible on my TV.

allan said...

I loved getting up at 5 AM, getting tea and coffee and preparing the game thread for the 6 AM season opener.

allan said...

We are 2 games out with 57 left to play.

If you think that's a bad spot to be in, you haven't been a Red Sox fan for very long.

We're smack in the middle of the hunt. Enjoy it.

Jack Marshall said...

Heidi Watney makes me sick, like all comely young women who get jobs reading news and doing sports updates simply because they have perfect features and bikini bodies and have no other discernable qualifications.

Oh, wait---sorry---I LOVE how Heidi Watney makes me sick!

allan said...

I like Propagandhi's song titles:

"Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch"

"The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist"

"With Friends Like These, Who the Fuck Needs COINTELPRO?"

"Ordinary People Do Fucked-Up Things when Fucked-Up Things Become Ordinary"

Rob said...

She has a nice voice...

I loved watching the Red Sox in Japan. It was unbelievably cool to be driving my father to work in the morning and listening to live baseball!

The light switch is still on.

allan said...

I love watching Ellsbury steal second base, sliding in when the catcher's throw seems to be just passing the mound.

And I love doubles.

Jack Marshall said...

Redsock: More than TRIPLES?
Surely you love triples more!

allan said...

Triple are good, too.

I love dongs the best. Long, majestic ones that make you gasp in awe.

Jack Marshall said...

"Long, majestic ones that make you gasp in awe."

We are talking BASEBALL dongs, here, right?

Kim said...

I loved it when Freddy Lynn took his picture with me when I was a kid.

I loved it when a Red Sox usher gave me Louie Tiant's game ball.

I loved it when Pedro threw Zimmer to the ground.

I loved it when Jason Varitek gave A-Rod a leather facial.

I loved it when the Yanks choked in 2004.

I loved it when we won it all in 2004.

I loved it when we went back-to-back-to-back-to-back against the Yanks.

I loved it when Papelbon picked off Holliday.

I loved Manny's walk-off in game 2 in the 2007 ALDS

I loved JD's Grand Slam in game 6 in the 2007 ALCS

I loved it when we won it all AGAIN in 2007.

I loved it when Manny invited everyone at the rolling rally in 2007 back to his house for a drink.

I loved it when Manny high 5'ed a fan and turned a double play.

I loved it when Manny hit his 500th.

I love Manny Being Manny.

I love when Jason Varitek smiles.

I love the Red Sox. Always.

laura k said...

I love baseball.

I love the Red Sox.

I love when the Red Sox play baseball.

I love it best when they win.

laura k said...

(I don't hate Heidi Watney, but I hate the people who hire her, for the reasons stated by Jack Marshall.)

laura k said...

I love loving the Red Sox with other cool Red Sox fans who read Joy of Sox.

I love Joy of Sox.

Rob said...

I love rally killers.

laura k said...

I love watching Jacoby Ellsbury.

I love having a baseball crush, almost every year of my life since I was 15.

I love how there's always some new young stud to love.

Amy said...

I love Fenway Park, the Red Sox, and baseball. I love Jason Varitek even though he SASHE and always makes the third out with bases loaded. I love pitcher's duels and blowouts, as long as we win. I love 2004 and 2007.

I love JOS and all who post there!

Amy said...

Oh, and that should be SASAHE and pitchers' duels.

I love that JOS cares about punctuation and spelling and grammar since no one else in the world does any more. (And I hate typos, especially when I make them, and I hate that Blogger doesn't let you go back and correct your posts.)

allan said...

I love that someone in Poland found JoS today by typing "josh beckett says cunt" into Google.

Lord Lynch said...

I love baseball, I love it that I will be in the States in September and will see at least one game (probably the Phillies, sadly), and that despite everything, I love it that we will always be the good guys and they will always be the Evil Empire.

And I will always love 2004. 3-0 down. That can never, ever be beaten. There can only be one first to blow a 3-0 lead.....

laura k said...

I love that Lord Lynch loves that from the UK, and that I love it from Canada.

I love that I've met several great people through Joy Of Sox and will definitely meet more.

laura k said...

I love 2004.

And strange as this is to you all, I love 2007 even more.

Tony said...

I love the fact that I was born on December 13th, 1981, which gave me enough time to grow, mature, and become a fan of baseball and the Red Sox, and allowed me to fully appreciate what 2004 and 2007 meant.

I love this blog, I love this team, and I love the fact that there's still more baseball to go.

Joe Grav said...

I love this blog too. Endlessly funny and enjoyable. Even if (not that it will) the season goes to shit, we'll still have our entertaining nicknames and off-topic conversations.

And if things start to go well - as I suspect they will - we'll all be able to celebrate and talk about it. And read redsock's snarky comments.

Joe Grav said...

Rave? where's the drugs?

flip said...

Thanks for the Rave post :)

I'm going to rave about Manny laughing off defensive errors and strikeouts. RAVE! Manny practices an incredibly difficult profession under enormous pressure and intense competition. By any measure, there have been no more than 4 dozen people in the last century+ who practice this craft more successfully than he does.

His approach to the game, and to life, may be unusual -- but are also remarkably productive. The best ballplayers that ever swung a bat failed more than 60% of the time. It's hubris to say that Manny's approach to preparation, and his carefree reaction to that inevitable 60%, aren't part of what make him great.

I love watching Manny play. I love watching him turn the page on a misstep and dig right in to a massive meatball home run.

I love that every year for the past 5+ years the Sox have been competitive, loose and fan friendly. And I love that they've done it with such a nutty mix of pure characters.

Go sox!

Patrick said...

Flip just very nicely summed up what I like about Manny Ramirez. He is an example to us all.

Far too often we we praise the rabbit for obviously giving it his all and burning himself out in the process. The turtle looks to be a slacker, but there he is at the end, his results just as good, he just was more relaxed during the journey.

What's that Fan Graphs? Man Ram (excuse the language) has the fourth best WPA IN THE MAJORS for batters. Hard to argue with that.