July 24, 2008

Jose Vidro Sucks ... As Do The Yankees

Junior asks the question:
Can a baseball franchise be declared clinically insane?
And offers the address of the year:
"I Want To Be The Mariners' DH"
c/o Jim Riggleman
.266 OBP Lane
Ridiculously Low Slugging Percentageburg, WA 98134

Elsewhere, Jere approves of "Yankees Suck" chant.

As do, I assume, The Soxaholix:


nixon33 said...

im so fucking ready for this weekend.
i'm a little more nervous than usual.
please take the yankees apart.
please, please, please, let me get what i want this time.

allan said...

please, please, please, let me get what i want

What difference does it make?

andy said...

3 more wins in a row give the rays a chance to further collapse.

nixon33 said...

What difference does it make?

this joke isnt funny anymore

9casey said...

nixon33 said...

please, please, please, let me get what i want this time.

Nix, have you not been getting what you want as a Red Sox fan?????

Unless you are just turning 4 I beleive you should remember some good things.

s1c said...

Things to worry about - since 2004 in July and August Sox are 3 - 13 vs MFY's. 0-3 at the toilet. Overall vs the MFY's in those seasons Sox are 36 - 39.

Of course that includes the 2006 fiasco when the Sox imploded in the 5 game series and lost all 5 games in Boston.

Sock - a possible explanation for getting NESN while in Seattle for the first two games and the home team for the last game. Today I passed NESN trucks returning from somewhere out west (possibly from Seattle). If you figure they left after the game on Tuesday night, around 5:00 p.m. central CT is a possible time frame.

Mapquest has it as a 46 hour trip.

Just supposition

s1c said...

Oh, actually I look for the Sox to take 2 out of 3 this weekend.

Jere said...

Jere's over/under on Joba wild pitches: 2.5.

Jack Marshall said...

Kansas City up 4-0 and Gil Meche pitching well! With any luck, the Sox will begin tomorrow's game tied for first!

Zenslinger said...

The Sox are still pursuing relievers. They had explored a possible deal with Washington for Jon Rauch but major league sources indicated that the asking price of Lowrie and Michael Bowden was too high. Rauch was dealt to Arizona.

From Extra Bases. Uh -- wow, you think that might have been a rather high price? Glad they didn't do that. Lowrie's already pretty solid and Bowden could be very good.

KC 4-0 over TB after 5.

Jake of All Trades said...

I've always found these t-shirts to be both more creative and more accurate than a simple "Yankees Suck" chant.

allan said...

Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

laura k said...

Nix is just living in the present, rather than in the past like Yankee fans do.

But this

Unless you are just turning 4 I beleive you should remember some good things.

is great and very funny. I would like this on a t-shirt or a sig line or something.

2 out of 3 for sure. I'm excited but not nervous.

I'll be more nervous for Tampa and the Angels.

laura k said...

Allan had to explain to me the joke about The Smiths song. I hate that guy's voice so much, I could never listen long enough to know any of their lyrics.

allan said...

I'm only assuming nix knew it was a song when he typed it. It seemed like an odd thing to say if he didn't.

("Hand in Glove")

nixon33 said...

yes, it was all just silliness of using the smiths song titles as opposed to actual conversation.
redsock knew the score.

nixon33 said...

yes morrissey is an acquired taste for sure.
it took me years to love the smiths and to even like solo morrissey songs.
i'm not comapring him to dylan, but i feel like its sort of the same theory with dylan and moz. (i'm not saying this is true for everyone).
it takes time to understand the greatness of both, but once you get it, theres no looking back (no pun intended)

nixon33 said...

god i cannae type.

nixon33 said...

manny scratched. fuck.