July 18, 2008

Papi In Pawtucket

Batting third, Ortiz popped up in his first plate appearance, homered in his second, lined out in his third, and walked in the sixth inning. ... [H]e saw 21 pitches and made contact on six, while nine were balls.
Pawtucket won the game 15-6. (Justin Masterson allowed two runs in 1.1 innings.)

Also: Post-game comments from Ortiz and Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson. Reports from the ProJo, Herald and redsox.com.


tim said...

woooo! season continues tonite! and its on sportsnet so i get to watch!

Dunno if anyone's seen this yet...thoughts?

A 6-figure fine seems pretty hefty...I'm not sure whether there's much merit to this guy, if he's just looking for attention or what. I definitely don't believe that Manny taking 3 straight strikes from Rivera was an F-U to the Sox either...Sounds like this Lobel guy is just out for attention and this will result in another case of MBM...

Patrick said...


The good news kept coming until you mentioned Masterson's bad outing.