July 5, 2008

Schadenfreude 51 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:
At 45-42, the Yankees are close to being measured for pinstriped coffins before the All-Star Game ...
Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Maybe the Yankees just aren't very good.
Johnny Damon:
We just need to win more games.


laura k said...

Love that Daily News headline, "Hey Johnny, that's the ball..."!

This S-freude was especially gleeful, thanks!

andy said...

I gotta go to Paris and hook up with C-Rod. C-Rod, that's funny. Cunt-rod?
I am gonna call my wife that and see what happens.

It would be truly awesome if it was discovered that C-Rod and CI were having an affair. Better yet Giambi while he was wearing golden panties.

Sorry L for the bad woman names. I won't really call my wife that. But hey, it's pillow talk babe.

allan said...

Poor woman can't even get her own nickname. It has to be modeled on her husband's quite unoriginal one.

Maybe all the Yankees should go to that type of name:


See how clever they are!

(Actually, I think some Yankee fans do call Dumbo J-Po.)

andy said...

D-Jet is pretty cool.

allan said...

I wonder if the Daily News headline guy used Noodles to also hint at Damon. Probably not.

laura k said...

I wonder if the Daily News headline guy used Noodles to also hint at Damon.

I wondered that too.

Andy, I assumed you wouldn't call your wife that unless she liked it. If so you should call her that often but not tell us. :)

Jack Marshall said...

Of COURSE they're not very good! This is a revelation?

Let's just hope they rally their pride enough to beat the Rays a couple of times.

laura k said...

This is a revelation?

Does everything written here have to be revelatory?