October 7, 2009

ALDS Roster: Byrd Over Delcarmen

Paul Byrd will be the 11th man on the Red Sox's pitching staff.

Manny Delcarmen posted a 7.27 ERA since the All-Star break and suffered back and neck stiffness after a car accident on Saturday. According to the rules, MDC is also ineligible for the ALCS, but he could be placed on the World Series roster.

The team will wait until tomorrow's roster deadline (1 PM EST) before making a decision on Rocco Baldelli.


Patrick said...

Is daisuke on the roster??

tim said...

Pretty sure he's penciled in to start game 4, Patrick. I couldn't see Lester going on 3 days rest.

FenFan said...

What do you make of some of the predictions from the like of Ken Rosenthal that because Boston had such a poor percentage with regards to throwing out base stealers (12%) that the Angels have the edge? I took a quick peek back over the past six seasons and the highest percentage I saw was 25%. In 2004, the Sox only threw out 20% of base stealers, which also put them last in the AL.

Is this concern really as great as is being made? Seems to me like poor rationale for giving one team an edge over another. Any thoughts?

Philip said...

Ugh. The prospect of Byrd pitching for us ever again makes me ill.

(Also--this is Vrictare finally getting a google account.)