October 3, 2009

Biggest Game Threads

It always comes up during playoffs, so I thought I would go back and find the biggest threads.

Top 5 Game Threads of 2009
G108 - 0807: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0 (15) -  957
G 16 - 0424: Red Sox 5, Yankees 4 (11) - 931
G 8 - 0414: A's 6, Red Sox 5 (12) - 839
G 60 - 0611: Red Sox 4, Yankees 3 - 741
G110 - 0809: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2 - 670
As expected. Either Yankees and extra innings. Or both. Two of the top five were in the same series.

1,000+ Threads
2007 ALCS 7 - Red Sox 11, Spiders 2    -  1,356
2008 ALDS 2 - Red Sox 7, Angels 5 - 1,328
2008 ALDS 3 - Angels 5, Red Sox 4 (12) - 1,254
2007 ALCS 5 - Red Sox 7 Spiders 3 - 1,033
2008 ALDS 1 - Red Sox 4, Angels 1 - 1,020
2008 G 113 - Royals 4, Red Sox 3 - 1,018
2008 ALCS 7 - Rays 3 Red Sox 1 - 1,008
That Royals game looks more than a little out of place.

The most comments for a World Series game was 955 for 2007 WS4. There were no comments at JoS in 2004.
X-rays on Alex Gonzalez's right wrist were negative. Seabass was hit by a pitch on Friday night. He thinks he'll be able to play on Sunday.
[I] had no pain. I feel good. I can move my fingers and hand, my wrist. ... I can squeeze.
Rocco Baldelli strained his left hip flexor on Friday and will have an MRI on Monday morning. His status for the ALDS is unknown.

Daisuke Matsuzaka has a 2.22 ERA in four starts since coming back from the disabled list on September 15.
I was able to work on points that I felt were going to be important going into the playoffs, and I had a really good feel for those points. ... The most important point was being able to battle with runners on base and I think that's my real strength.


laura k said...

There were no comments at JoS in 2004.

You mean comments were not turned on yet?

God, can you imagine the trolls for THAT series?

Rob said...

Battling with runners on base is your only strength, Dice... because that's the situation you're in the most when you're pitching.

A Conformer said...

That Royals game looks more than a little out of place.

To be fair, I think I remember that Royals game, and the comments were around 850-900 when people decided to reach 1000. I seem to remember the last 100 or so were about trombones and music and other non-game stuff, way after the game was over.

Now, I'm gonna go check if my memory deceives me or not.

laura k said...

Trombones! :)

allan said...

I think you are right, Ofer. We were also following later games. I finally kicked everyone off to go to bed.

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

I'm looking forward to hitting 1,000 comments in 2009 WS4 when we sweep the Dodgers (Dodgers, because if it comes to that, I'll be live-blogging from Dodger Stadium. Somehow.)

A Conformer said...

Hahaha, turns out it was more violas than trombones. The rest of it was fairly true.