October 4, 2009

ALDS Rotation

Terry Francona announced his rotation for the ALDS:
Wed 1007 or 
Thu 1008 at LAA - Lester / Lackey
Fri 1009 at LAA - Beckett / Weaver
Sun 1011 at Bos - Buchholz / Kazmir
Mon 1012 at Bos - Matsuzaka / Saunders
Wed 1014 at LAA - Lester / Lackey
The first three games are official. I'm penciling in Dice and Sid for the "if necessary" games. The Angels pitchers for Games 1-4 were drawn from several articles at MLB.com.

Starting times for the Red Sox will be: Series A (Wed 6:00 PM / Fri 9:30 PM) or Series B (Thu 9:30 PM / Fri 9:30 PM).

The Tigers beat the White Sox 5-3 and the Twins beat the Royals 13-4, so there will be a one-game playoff on Tuesday in Minnesota to determine the winner of the AL Central.


tim said...

Great! Looking forward to playoff baseball starting Tuesday!

Gonna miss friday's game regardless, might PVR it but I won't have access to my PVR until monday night...no way I'm living in silence until then!

Maybe I'll record it on VHS while at my dad's for the holiday weekend...

Hope sunday's game is a night one so I can at least catch part of it. Fuckin' family dinners.

Rob said...

I'm hoping for Wed/Fri because I really don't want two 9:30 games.

tim said...

I agree, ish. I don't mind late starts, in fact, prefer em. But with my current living arrangement, can't watch TV past 11 or so...