October 9, 2009

Rare Footage Of Babe Ruth Found

New York Times:
Babe Ruth has struck out looking. Displeased, he leans on his bat, right hand on his hip, and looks back at the umpire. He utters something that can only be imagined. Lou Gehrig, on deck, leans on his bat, too, as if he has seen this act before. Ruth finally shuffles away, head turned to the umpire, dragging his bat through the dirt.

The scene, along with eight seconds of footage of Ruth playing the outfield, was found by a New Hampshire man in his grandfather's home movie collection. ...

The latest Babe Ruth film, unseen publicly until now, is part of a 90-second clip shot from the first-base stands at Yankee Stadium. There is no sound. But there are sweeping views of the park. And there is Ruth ... [I]t represents the archive's only game action of Ruth playing in the outfield -- where he spent more than 2,200 games -- other than a between-innings game of catch.

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Zenslinger said...

"There is no film of Ruth pitching in a game for the Red Sox. Or, other than for some warm-up pitches, for the Yankees, either."