October 5, 2009

NYDN: Yankees Will Choose Wednesday Start

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
It's official: the Yankees will start the playoffs on Wednesday.

The team is unlikely to make any formal announcement until the conclusion of Tuesday night's Tigers-Twins playoff, but Joe Girardi informed CC Sabathia after today's game that he would be pitching Game 1 on Wednesday, which is good enough for me.
If so, the Red Sox will play at 9:30 PM on both Thursday and Friday.

The Herald says Sunday's Game 3 at Fenway will start at Noon and Monday's Game 4 (if necessary) will be at 8:30 PM.


Rob said...

Stupid fucking TV schedules. 8:30 for a BASEBALL game to start on the east coast.

tim said...

Sunday noon, fuck off. Fuck.

FenFan said...

So the start times in LA are 9:30 PM and the potential Game 4 start time is... 8:30 PM? WTF? Why not start it at 7:30 to guarantee that you'll get viewers waiting to watch Monday Night Football?