October 14, 2009

Red Sox Look To 2010

[Updated/Additional stuff below]

Theo Epstein mentions team defense and defensive efficiency and the lack of offense outside of Fenway Park as big issues going into the winter.
The foundation of the organization is still strong, we have a pretty good core of prime players, there are probably 10 guys in their mid-20s or right around 30 who we can build around and a strong farm system, with tremendous payroll flexibility going forward.

I think it could go a number of different directions. I think we're always open to change because I think you need change to improve as part of the natural cycle in baseball and in life. Sometimes the market doesn't bear that out. Sometimes there aren't the right fits, sometimes it's not the right free-agent market and sometimes you end up with more status quo than you want.

If that's the case, if we look back three or four months from now and say, "Wow, there weren't major changes," then I think next year will be perhaps the last year of this main group of players. We have a lot of players going into contract years next year. I think it might be one more chance with this group to go out and win the whole thing.
There are concerns throughout the roster:

Will Jason Vartiek return as the back-up catcher? What about Mike Lowell, who is due $12 million? If Lowell is not in Boston and Kevin Youkilis moves back to third, who plays first? Who will be the regular shortstop?

What will happen with Jason Bay? How much offense will David Ortiz provide? Will the Sox bring back Tim Wakefield after his back surgery? What kind of turnover will there be in the bullpen? Will Epstein revisit any of the potential deals that were mentioned before the July trade deadline?
Epstein characterizes the negotiations with potential free agent Jason Bay as "really unusual ... [W]e want to keep him and he wants to be here and yet we've been unable to reach a deal. I don't think either side's been unreasonable. ... It just hasn't happened."

If Bay declines to return, Matt Holliday is a possible free agent acquisition. Sean McAdam mentions Bobby Abreu, Chone Figgins and Johnny Damon as possible left field replacements. McAdam also drew attention to Epstein's comment on Monday: "If Ortiz is going to be our DH ..."

Quotes in the Post suggest Billy Wagner is considering retirement. His agent thinks otherwise.

Epstein is pretty much demanding that Daisuke Matsuzaka follow the club's training regimen over the winter:
There are strong expectations that he shows up in February in fantastic shape on Day 1 of spring training next year. I see it as a necessity, not really an option.
Michael Silverman looks at some of the Sox's brighter prospects, including pitcher-shortstop Casey Kelly and outfielder Ryan Westmoreland.


bdubsmitty said...

I believe the Sox will make a strong push to get Adrian Gonzalez and/or King Felix during the offseason.

I think they are willing to eat $12M to move Youk to 3rd and bring in Gonzalez if they can get the Padres to accept a trade offer.

I really do think Papelbon will be a trade chip in the winter meetings ... whether or not anyone bits is another story, but I do believe he will be available after the season that Bard had.

Unknown said...

I would kill for Ellsbury/Figgins at the top of the order. Can we sign Figgins and trade for Hanley or Crawford?

andy said...

2010 Lowell will have a career year, but not with us.

9casey said...

andy said...
2010 Lowell will have a career year, but not with us.

I don't see this. he was a thrown in the Beckett deal after coming off a bad season with Fla, he has never recovered from the hip injury and without that wall , he will be mediocre if he tries elsewhere.

James said...
I would kill for Ellsbury/Figgins at the top of the order. Can we sign Figgins and trade for Hanley or Crawford?

Who would ya kill, they seem to be somewhat the same player, with Figgins be overrated as a basestealer, he has become more of an on base guy, but I believe he would bat 8th in our lineup.

I would be shocked it the Rays traded Crawford to us.....

Hanley has always been a pipe dream for me, I think he would cost us too much, and they would ask for a lot, if I was the Marlins , I would want Clay and LBJ.

9casey said...

I wonder if they are looking at Stephen Drew to play SS.

Philip said...

I don't know about the likelihood of this, but if Bay doesn't re-sign, do we have any current guys who have experience in left? Leaving Youk out, of course, because we need him in the infield.

allan said...

do we have any current guys who have experience in left?

Reddick would be about it, I think.

bdubsmitty said...

If Bay doesn't re-sign -- what is the likelihood that the Sox go after Matt Holliday, considering that he is a Boras client?

Philip said...

I would hate to see us go after Holliday--we have some pretty good bats with nowhere to put them anyways.

A thought--has Lars Anderson played left? Yeah, he had an atrocious year, but he seems like a good candidate to bounce back in the minors and maybe be a decent major league ballplayer.