October 22, 2009

Sox Bloggers On A Possible NYY WS

Lisa Swan at Subway Squawkers asked ten Red Sox bloggers a few questions about the post-season and our thoughts on a possible Yankees championship. Here.


Zenslinger said...

LA Times post-mortem on the Dodgers describes Manny's second half as "awful".

Month - OPS
April - 1.154
May - 1.026
July - .931
August - .881
Sept - .892


tim said...

Interesting read, I agree with you about that last one, Allan. Weird question. I guess a lot of people hate Manny for reasons beyond me, but I actually wanted the dodgers to win the series so Manny could get another ring. Phillies and Pedro works just as well though.

Fuck NY.

laura k said...

There's two minutes of my life I'll never get back. But then again, from our point of view, the answers are completely predictable, to the point of boring.

Why would *anyone* think Red Sox Nation would be rooting for the Yankees over Manny??? How bizarre.

allan said...

LA Times post-mortem on the Dodgers describes Manny's second half as "awful".

Among the regulars, Manny's second-half OPS of .838 was 2nd on the team, trailing only Andre Either's .936. His slugging was third and his OBP was 2nd.

You want awful? How about these monthly OPSs?

Apr - .881
May - .821
Jun - .750
Jul - .736
Aug - .483
Sep - .382

Anonymous said...

Yeah...an MFY WS crown sucks hard. I'd love to see Manny go old school in New Yankee Stadium. Especially with a mummy-walk thrown in.

As said above? Fuck NY.

tim said...

While killing brain cells this morning reading the moronic posts over at the Globe's message board, I came across one beaut about how Manny sucks in the postseason, where the guy (I assume it was a guy because women aren't this stupid) posted Manny's batting averages from all of his postseasons, conveniently leaving '04 and '07 out of the list, as if people wouldn't notice???

This is coming from a sox "fan". I guess CHB and Mazz have ruined more minds than I originally thought.

This random musing is really about nothing at all. Just how appalled I was at the blatant sophistry of the post.

Zenslinger said...

I give up. Who is it?

laura k said...

(I assume it was a guy because women aren't this stupid)

Now there's some sexism I can get behind.

Zenslinger said...

Oh, it's the Cap'n, isn't it. 209/313/390 on the year...thanks for the memories, Jason.

tim said...

Somehow I figured it'd be Capitek.

allan said...

Zen: I was going to leave a hint ("Sorry, Amy") but did not.

So Manny was clearly LA's 2nd best bat after the ASB and he's considered awful. What does that say about the rest of the batters?

Zenslinger said...

LA had good-to-great bats. Just expected too much of Manny and had no freakin' pitching.

tim said...

Was wondering why Wolf or Billingsley was on the bench while Kuroda started game 3...

Rob said...

This postseason, these were the teams I'd like to see win the WS, in order of preference:

1. Red Sox
2. Dodgers
3. Rockies
4. Twins
5. Cardinals
6. Phillies
7. Angels
8. Yankees

Ah, crap.

Go Phillies, I guess. (GO PEDRO!!!!)

9casey said...

I don't understand the comparison , with Tek and Manny.?

Valentine said last night he thinks Manny was hurt , which could have led to his Sept. numbers- .229 4hr 13 rbi's..

SoSock said...

So, I actually posted on FB a night or 2 ago, during a game that I "wish like hell Manny was still a Red Sock". Then there was all the crap about him not being in the dugout during that last inning of game 4 and I still want him back. Yeah, I'll take those "awful" numbers any day!

Rob said...

Yeah, I don't understand why Billingsley didn't start Game 3.

tim said...




allan said...


tuned in just as slappy was being bbi'd.

fucking shithead angels.

game 6.

Jere said...

I again sat through the whole damn thing. wa-hew. we're still alive.

Rob said...

Maybe I should have rephrased...

1. Red Sox
2. Dodgers
3. Not the Yankees
N/A Yankees

N/A meaning I don't actually prefer them to win at all.

laura k said...

we're still alive.

I was thrilled the Angels one, but I can't call them "we"!

laura k said...

We have a close friend who's a lifelong Phillies fan, so I can always get behind them for her - in addition to the anti-NYY or anti-LAA feelings, plus Petey.