March 6, 2011

Gonzalez Takes BP

Adrian Gonzalez took batting practice at about 10:00 AM -- 25 swings (five sets of five) against Pawtucket manager Arnie Beyeler. One report said AG "showed power to all sides of the field. He hit three balls over the right field fence in his final five swings."

It has been a deliberate, methodical process for Gonzalez, who had surgery on his right shoulder last fall and began swinging at balls on a tee roughly two weeks ago. Gonzalez talked about why hitting outside of the cage is more instructive.
You want to see the trajectory of the ball and you get to see the whole length of the trajectory and all that. You get to really see if you got good backspin on the ball or not.
Gonzalez will take Monday off and see how his shoulder has responded.
It felt fine. It felt normal. ... We're taking it pretty slow. If I was going too fast, I'd be playing right now.
Some teammates are getting impatient. Guessing the mouth that said this is probably not very difficult:
It's about time. We traded half the farm system for him.

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Michael said...

God bless Dustin Pedroia.